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What’s eating you Woolly?

The residents of Woolly Creek have a problem. Their loved ones have returned from the dead…and are intent to feed on the fatted calf. (Level 1-3)


A number of mutilated cattle lead the ranchers outside a small town to hunt for the predators wreaking havoc on their livelihood. They instead find their own dearly, nearly departed as undead; hungry for the taste of meat.

Unable (or unwilling) to deal with the problem, the ranchers have been slowly but surely feeding their remaining livestock to these unholy creatures. As the monsters’ desires for living flesh outstripped the ability to produce, children in the nearby town have come up missing.

The town has advertised for assistance in discovering the whereabouts of their missing children and laying their other kin to rest, permanently. They offer little money but have included the “services of the town” for any successful party.


You are a group of down on your luck adventurers who were providing bandit protection for a small caravan that just finished this season’s run. You now find yourselves at loose ends in a remote area with neither the means nor the mounts to get any where quickly or easily. Perhaps a little cleanup action, followed by a big R&R action with the grateful folk of this nearby village, is just what the doctor ordered…

Home Page

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